Streamlining Success: How Ghent Transformed Order Entry and Manufacturing Accuracy with WCS

Ghent is one of WCS Web Configurator Studio’s early adopters. Since launch, quotes, orders, and users have grown rapidly, as has their success in streamlining processes and ensuring order entry and manufacturing accuracy. We sat down with Susan Claus, Director of Marketing for GMi Companies, Ghent’s parent company, to get some insights into the challenges that led to their decision to invest in the Product Builder configurator, and some of the results they’ve experienced in the short time the tool has been active.


The Ghent product offer continues to be more configurable with an abundance of options, making it increasingly difficult to understand, visualize, and order accurately. Additionally, Ghent continued to hear from Dealers and Rep Groups how important it is to have product information readily available and easy to understand. Finally, Ghent continued to see increasing demand for digital tools visualization and specification tools offering a simple and engaging customer experience that closely mimics the consumer online digital experience.  

Strategic Objectives 

In justifying development of the new tool, Ghent focused on three key strategic objectives to define project scope and outline desired outcomes from the tool.

  1. Digital Integration – Seamless sharing of information between GMi, their channel partners, and their customers: Dealers and A&D.
  2. Scalability – Allows for immediate quote turnaround time without additional head count to handle increased quote and email volume.
  3. Thought Leadership – Lead the industry with a proven configurator and data management features making our products easier to understand, specify, purchase, and track.


WCS designed a custom solution that enabled Dealers and Sales Reps to configure, quote, and issue product sheets directly, 24×7. The Ghent Customer Care team verifies PMS colors and customer specific rules-based pricing calculations prior to synchronizing orders into Ghent’s order management system. Additionally, quote and order accuracy increased with the addition of a rules-based freight calculator, enhanced with the capability to update terms and freight rates quickly and efficiently.

2022 Results

  • 46.25% Dealer Generated Quotes
  • 46.23% Sales Rep Generated Quotes
  • 50+ Products Available to Configure
  • $10.00MM+ Quotes Generated

Looking Ahead 

Moving forward, the Ghent team plans to continue to grow usage of the Product Builder and further justify original and ongoing investment, with a focus on continually adding new products, configurator features, and increasing usage throughout their sales channels.  

Final Thoughts

“Efficiency and best practices are at the core of our Product Configurator creation process. The result is a business solution that transforms the marketing of our products through an easy specification process, visual support, and customizable features.”

The Ghent Marketing Team

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