Beyond the Ordinary: 3D Experiences that Catapult Product Sales

It’s a fact. According to a recent Harris Poll, 60% 1 of customers are more likely to purchase a product if it is shown in 3D or augmented reality. If you’re looking to differentiate your product from an abundance of good-enough competitive products, user experience is key! What are you waiting for? Our visualization feature is standard with every 3D CPQ Product Configurator.

We enable customers, dealer designers, and specifiers to see exactly what they could get, from every angle. Conversely, investment in a WCS 3D product configurator can serve as your company’s source of truth (SoT), empower your marketing team to show every product in every possible configuration and material offering, and empower your proposal center team to bring products to life in ways your competitors can’t. Interested in learning more? Read further.

One Feature. Multiple Benefits

At WCS, we strive to support our customers’ sales and marketing needs by offering more than expected. The Visualization feature of our 3D CPQ Product Configurator is an exceptional example. Yes, we help customers, designers, and specifiers see what they can have, from every angle – but the visualization tool also supports sales, marketing, and marketing promotion needs faster at no additional cost. For example, our visualization tool helps:

  • Reduces product photography costs and needs.
  • Supports on-demand customer proposal imagery.
  • Reduces DAM (Digital Asset Management) costs supporting e-commerce distribution channels.
  • Showcases new product features and material options with minimal asset development.
  • Supports sales training and customer preview needs for new product introductions.


Bonus Benefit 1: Our visualization tool reduces product photography costs and needs. 

It’s a fact – three of four consumers are inspired to make purchases by image and video content seen on websites, online retailers, and social media sites, making good imagery an essential part of a smart multi-distribution channel sales and marketing strategy. 2

With the WCS 3D CPQ Product Configurator, photo realistic white sweep images are just a few clicks away. Configure the product and download images from every possible angle. We don’t eliminate the need for professional product photography, but we do simplify the process. 

Bonus Benefit 2: Deliver product images to-specification within customer proposal responses. 

Customer requests for proposal responses can be daunting. But you can differentiate yourself with photo realistic product images configured to meet the exact requested specification. Your proposal center team won’t have to search the image library to find something close enough. Our rules-based 3D CPQ Product Configurator ensures they can quickly validate the specification, configure the product, and insert the photo-realistic rendering into the proposal response. Wow your customer, and your internal proposal resource team. 

Bonus Benefit 3: Reduce DAM (Digital Asset Management) costs supporting e-commerce partner site needs. 

Most contract furniture manufacturers have extended distribution to include on-line retail partners, including Amazon, Wayfair, and others. Each respective retail partner has their own PIR (Product Image Requirements) and maintaining white sweep images that meet each partner’s needs can get expensive.   

Rather than paying an external resource to create and maintain your ecommerce image library, leverage your 3D CPQ Product Configurator. With 360-views and rules-based configurations, your digital asset management team can easily create the images needed at no additional cost.  That’s good use of your product configurator investment!

Bonus Benefit 4: Showcase new product features and material options with minimal asset development.  

Adding new features and material options to meet evolving customer needs is a natural product-life-cycle progression. When your product visualizer tool has been designed with feature and material change needs in mind, supporting new (or removing discontinued) features and fabrics is a snap.

Web Configurator Studio encourages customers to consider scalability and flexibility in their 3D CPQ Product Configurator design just for this reason. Products change, and you need a tool that can support these changes. 

Bonus Benefit 5: Support sales training and customer preview needs for new product introductions. 

Timing photography needs for new product introductions can be tricky. Often the product is in the final stages of development as the sales team is starting pre-sell activities with strategic customers. With three out of four consumers making purchasing decisions based on imagery, showing potential customers photorealistic images is essential.

With a 3D CPQ Product Configurator, you can deliver photo realistic images to support sales training and promotional pre-sell needs. With a rules-based product configurator, sales can only show a customer applicable feature and fabric combinations, and your design and customer care teams have a single source of truth to reference as they learn specifics of the new product.   

Have we piqued your interest? Then let’s have a conversation. With 20+ years of industry experience, as both a customer AND developer, we are uniquely experienced to understand your capabilities and needs to recommend the smartest, most cost-effective solution for your short- and long-term needs. 

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1. Survey: 60% of Online Shoppers Say They’re More Likely to Buy a Product If It’s Shown in 3D or Augmented Reality | AP News

2. Business Wire: New Research from ViSenze Finds Three in Four Consumers Are Inspired to Make Purchases by Image and Video Content Seen Across Retail and Social Media Sites

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