Next-Level Efficiency: Unpack MANAGE Feature

The MANAGE feature is the heart and soul of our CPQ Product Configurator back end. It enables manufacturers, dealers, and sales reps stay connected 24×7 with the information and resources they need to run their respective businesses more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

Key Features of the MANAGE Feature

Quote and order management, at your fingertips, 24×7.

Dealers and Sales Rep groups have unlimited 24×7 access to quote and order history, so they can easily revise and re-send quotes, check order status, and connect with customers to resolve issues and share updates.

Real time customer information in one place.

In addition, Dealers and Sales Reps have access to the most current customer information, including key points of contact, discounting, and freight terms, so they can quote and submit orders with confidence.

Real time product and pricing information, with easy upload.

Manufacturers can say goodbye to task-intensive price adjustments. Our solution seamlessly uploads the latest product and pricing information, including discounting, freight terms and costs, and more via simple API or Data Import File. Easy for Manufacturers, and peace-of-mind for Dealers and Sales Rep Groups.

Integration with ERP, OMS, and other business software.

Having business systems that connect from top to bottom in the Commercial Interiors business are essential to operating profitably within narrow margins. In addition to integrating seamlessly with industry designer software via SIFF export, our 3D CPQ Product Configurator can seamlessly integrate with typical Dealer and Sales Rep business level platforms.

Real time reporting, so you can manage your business and ensure customer satisfaction.

For business managers and key account managers, having access to real-time information and reporting ensures quotes are transitioning to orders, and orders are tracking to meet installation dates. Our solution offers custom reporting options that ensure everyone is in the know with the information they need when they need it.

Benefits for Manufacturers, Dealers, and Sales Rep Groups

Yes, our 3D CPQ Product Configurator solution is designed with manufacturers, dealers, and sales rep groups in mind. Our entire goal is to streamline the contract furniture industries complex sales process for all touch points. Spending less time on quotes, visualization, and pricing ensures everyone has more time to focus on building customer relationships for long-term business. And isn’t that the goal? Relationship selling versus transactional sales?

Have we piqued your interest? Then let’s have a conversation. With 20+ years of industry experience, as both a customer and developer, we are uniquely experienced in understanding your capabilities and needs to recommend the best solution for your immediate and long-term needs.

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