Transforming Complexity into Simplicity

Product specification and order management processes throughout the contract furniture industry is complex. While we can’t single handedly fix everything, from the very beginning, WCS has been laser focused on streamlining the product visualization, quoting, and specifying for manufacturers, dealers, and sales rep groups. By looking at the user experience from all perspectives, and leveraging our foundation in the furniture manufacturing segment, WCS offers a configurator with multiple features specifically designed with simplicity in mind. Let’s talk through some of the “quiet” features and benefits that set our solution apart and make a big difference from our clients and their end users.

Simplifying Complexity

Keeping the Quote Process Simple

Simple, thoughtful features and capabilities streamline the quoting process for Dealer Designers and Sales Reps.

  • Automated quote confirmation
  • Multi-product quote capability.
  • Dealer direct quotes.
  • Ability to share, revise, and resend active quotes.

Keeping Pricing Simple

Giving specifiers the option of quoting in list, net, or custom pricing and discounting, plus easy on-demand, real-time access to customer-specific terms, conditions, and freight costs streamlines the pricing process and ensures your product is presented to customers sooner.

  • Ability to quote in list, net, or custom.
  • Pricing based on current customer discounting, freight terms, and other terms and conditions.
  • Shipping cost calculator – real time.

Keeping Product Configuration, Visualization, and Big Responses Simple

According to a recent study, 81% of buyers research potential purchases online before finalizing their purchase decision.1 Today, contract furniture manufacturers can’t afford to NOT HAVE a product configurator. In addition, the user interface and experience must be intuitive, simple, and engaging.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Simple visualization tools – every detail from every angle.
  • Animations showcasing every part that moves.
  • Photo realistic product image outputs.
  • Automatic part number and spec sheet generation.

Keeping Data Management Simple

Keeping product information current is difficult! With so many product and material features, configurable combinations, terms and conditions, and ever-changing freight costs, ensuring in-the-moment-pricing is difficult. Our configurator is designed to streamline data import to ensure the information customers see on-line is the most accurate product and pricing information available. We offer…

  • Real-time data management via data import file or API.
  • Integration with ERP, OMS, and industry digital visualization standards via SIFF file, as well as industry- standard dealer and sales rep business software.
  • On-demand reports to verify order status, from entry through installation.

Keeping Customer Connections Simple

Dealerships currently work with 200 to 300 manufacturers.2 Can you imagine keeping track of specifics for each and everyone when responding to bid opportunities and keeping Sales Reps connected? Any manufacturer who streamlines the specification and order entry experience certainly elevates themselves above the masses of contract and consumer furniture manufacturers currently active in the commercial interiors industry. How does our solution help?

  • 24×7 free, unlimited access
  • Dealer and Rep Group access to quote and order history.
  • Dealer and Sales Rep Groups ability to revise and re-send quotes, check order status, and connect with customers to resolve issues and share updates.

Keeping Product Features and Options Front-and-Center

Manufacturers are constantly updating features and options to meet evolving customer needs. Ensuring
customers can view and configure these options in real-time is essential to closing the deal and landing the sale. The WCS 3D CPQ Product Configurator streamlines the process for manufacturers, and eliminates pain points for dealers and sales reps.

  • Real-time data management via data import file or API.
  • Our 3D CPQ Configurator can be leveraged as a product resource library for the sales team – available features and finishes by model.

To wrap things up, we believe that simple is better, and are constantly looking for new ways to streamline
processes and streamline processes and interactions for our customers and their extended sales and distributions partners through automation. We love finding ways to bring our clients portfolios to life in simple, memorable ways, and can’t wait to do the same for new clients. Have we piqued your interest? Let’s have a conversation!

1 81% of Shoppers Conduct Research Before Purchase – Saleslion
2 Friend or Foe? Why the Future of Design Depends on Strengthened Relationships Between Designers and Dealers – Interior Design

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