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Transforming Complexity into Simplicity

Product specification and order management processes throughout the contract furniture industry is complex. While we can’t single handedly fix everything, from the very beginning, WCS has been laser focused on streamlining the product visualization, quoting, and specifying for manufacturers, dealers, and sales rep groups.


Connecting with Clients in a Personal Way with Digital Tools

Face time with clients has dropped from 80% pre-pandemic to less than 40% post pandemic. In today’s digital landscape, specifiers rely heavily on digital tools. This shift requires manufacturers to rethink how they personalize customer engagement and product specification experiences.


Next-Level Efficiency: Unpack MANAGE Feature

The MANAGE feature is the heart and soul of our CPQ Product Configurator back end. It enables manufacturers, dealers, and sales reps stay connected 24×7 with the information and resources to run their businesses more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.


Maximizing Success With Your Product Configurator! Part 2

This is the second in our two-part series sharing best practices we’ve learned and implemented with clients and their extended sales teams. Gaining Dealer designer and sales team adoption is your last key launch milestone.

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