Maximizing Success With Your Product Configurator! Part 2

Manufacturers – you are almost there! By now, you’ve successfully introduced and gained adoption of your 3D CPQ Product Configurator by your Sales Rep groups. They feel confident, incented, and ready to help with the final phase of your initial rollout – dealer partners.

This is the second in our two-part series sharing best practices we’ve learned and implemented with clients and their extended sales teams. Gaining Dealer designer and sales team adoption is your last key launch milestone.

Part 2 – Dealer Design and Sales Teams

Dealer design and sales teams are an important part of your launch strategy, driving awareness for your brand, and your product offer, when leveraging your new product configurator tool as part of their sales process. How important are they? Dealer designers, sales, and project manager make up approximately 90% of your product configurator users. They are THAT important!

Best Practices for Dealer Adoption

Just like we recommended for introducing to your Sales Rep groups, approach your 3D CPQ Product Configurator launch as you would any new or updated product introduction:

1. Promote your configurator, everywhere!

  • On average, it takes three touches before the average individual recalls seeing an advertisement or hearing of a new product or service. Promoting your new configurator in all the places and spaces Dealer designers, sales teams, and project managers go to get their information is a smart marketing approach.

  • Send an e-blast to Dealers and leverage your Sales Reps with templates they can use to do the same.

  • Blog posts and promotional social media posts are another great opportunity to drive awareness and share information.

  • Weekly industry publications, like Business of Furniture and MMQB offer advertising and free press release opportunities.

  • Don’t forget to include links to your product configurator in your email signature blocks, on your website, and in your social media posts.

  • By canvassing all the places a Dealership is likely to go for information, you’ll have a leg up in driving awareness and gaining Dealer users.

2. Share your value proposition – what’s in it for them!

Dealers need to find value in this new tool – leverage the same communication vehicles to reinforce how using your product configurator benefits them.

  • 24×7 access to pricing.

  • Ability to generate, revise, and resend quotes in minutes.

  • Ability to generate quotes in net, list, or custom.

  • Option for sharing quotes with customers and colleagues via email or print.

  • Operates like a Product Information Management system (PIM) with real-time customer information and product specifications.

  • Photo-realistic images for quotes, presentations, and sales training.

  • And so much more!

3. Get them comfortable using your configurator, and confident in the outputs.

Ensure Dealer partners understand configurator navigation, features, advantages, and outputs. Confidence in their ability to use the tool elevates the likelihood they’ll chose your products over a competitor who doesn’t offer the same ease-of-use.  

Continue to include product configurator updates and training both directly, and through your Sales Rep groups so Dealers know what’s been added, improved, and coming next.

4. Ensure Dealerships are aware of available resources!

  • Your product configurator offers invaluable reports and resources for Dealer designers, sales teams, and project managers, including activity reports, access to presentations, product information, forms, and other information from the Dealer Portal.

  • Regular reminders of current and new tools and resources help reinforce awareness and usage.

5. Ask for feedback, so you can learn and plan for future needs.

  • Your Dealers are active users. Encouraging feedback ensures Dealers feel like partners and want to help you find new ways to improve and grow your configurator offer.

  • Remember – ease of doing business is critical to successfully maintaining preferred manufacturer status with your distribution channels. 3D Product Configurators that help in streamlining our industries complex selling process are difference makers.

Let’s wrap up our Things to Know series with a quick summary. Once again, congratulations on successfully building your 3D CPQ Product Configurator. Now your focus is ensuring that your Sales Representatives, and Dealer partners are aware of the tool, the advantages to their respective businesses, and the key features and resources available to them.

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