Connecting with Clients in a Personal Way with Digital Tools

Face time with clients has dropped from 80% pre-pandemic to less than 40% post pandemic.1
In today’s digital landscape, specifiers rely heavily on digital tools. This shift requires manufacturers to rethink how they personalize customer engagement and product specification experiences. They must ensure they remain top-of-mind and distinct among the many contract and commercial furniture manufacturers vying for the same end-customer floorplate solution. This blog explores key findings from the ThinkLab study and highlights the differentiation that a dynamic 3D CPQ product configurator can have for your business as a contract furniture manufacturer.

5 Specifier Personas for the Design Industry

1. Rep FirstWhat They Value

Values personal relationships and manufacturers with local rep groups. Local reps are their go-to for the latest information and status, and they want local rep groups to know they are considering their product lines

The WCS 3D CPQ Product Configurator Difference

Dealers and Sales Reps can stay connected in real time, with 24×7 access to the latest quote activity and the ability to revise and resend quotes, check order status, and connect with customers and specifiers to address and resolve any issues. Sales Reps are equipped to generate factory-approved quotes for customers.

2. Brand First – What They Value

Brand loyal, valuing a small collection of brands that are their go-to, and only deviating from those brands if the client specifically requests it.

The WCS 3D CPQ Product Configurator Difference

At WCS, we work with leading contract furniture manufacturers, helping them bring their portfolio to life through accurate data, visualization and digital tools. Designers and specifiers appreciate our configurator for its simplicity. Everything is designed from the front-end and back-end experience, keeping things seamless and connected.

3. Sustainability First – What They Value

This persona values sustainability first and foremost and gets energy from helping clients discover product options that deliver comfort, performance, and environmentally friendly options.

The WCS 3D CPQ Product Configurator Difference

Manufacturers can easily upload supporting data and highlight products in their portfolio with environmentally friendly options and performance features through our 3D CPQ Product Configurator.

4. Data First – What They Value

This persona takes a no-nonsense approach, looking to specify products based on proven performance, warranty, and reviews.

The WCS 3D CPQ Product Configurator Difference

A WCS 3D CPQ Product Configurator automatically generates specification sheets, including configuration, material, and warranty information, ensuring a “Data First” specifier has what they need to make and support an informed decision.

5. Digital First – What They Value

Leads with digital, but still wants the opportunity to engage with clients in person. Values the option of self-service through online digital tools.

The WCS 3D CPQ Product Configurator Difference

Our product configurator gives digital-first minded specifiers the tools they need to quickly configure, show, and include the supporting resources to respond to Dealer sales and end-customer questions and needs. Multi-product quotes include accurate List and Net pricing, part numbers, and other essential information thanks to the API connection to the source of truth.

Dealer designers and specifiers have more responsibility now than ever before. Anything a contract furniture manufacturer can do to make their lives easier serves as key differentiator in a crowded industry. At WCS Web Configurator, we help manufacturers showcase their products in new and dynamic ways to a growing community of specifiers, designers, and clients. We also streamline the complex process of specifying, quoting, and connecting your distribution and sales ecosystem, to give Dealers and Sales Reps a competitive advantage when promoting your products. Investing in a 3D CPQ Product Configurator can be a strategic move to enhance your brand, boost sales, and improve engagement with various stakeholders such as end customers, specifiers, designers, dealers, and sales rep groups. This investment can serve as a valuable differentiator for your business and offer a positive long-term return on the investment.

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