Maximizing Success with Your Product Configurator! Part 1

Manufacturers – CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve done your due diligence, put in the hard work, and are ready to launch your 3D CPQ Product Configurator! Ensuring your Sales Representatives and Dealer partners are on-board, properly trained, and feeling confident is essential to ensuring their successful uptake and long-term usage.

Part 1 – Sales Representatives

As your feet-on-the-street, Sales Rep Groups play an essential role in driving awareness and adaptation of your new or updated product configurator. Ensuring they are confident in their understanding of key features, advantages, and benefits for the Dealer can make all the difference in launching with a “WOW!” versus a “whoa.”

1. Get your selling team ready to go to the market.
  • Ensure Rep Groups understand the value of a 3D CPQ Product Configurator and how it elevates the experience for Dealer Designer and end customers from the competition.

  • Train Rep Groups on configurator navigation, features, advantages, and outputs so they are confident in their understanding and ability to communicate in kind with Dealerships.  

  • Continue to include product configurator updates and training in new sales rep onboarding, and regular rep group updates.
2. Incent and reward promotional and Dealer usage behavior.

Salespeople are naturally competitive. Harness their natural tendencies to incent and reward individuals with most new user registrations, most quotes generated, and more!

3. Ensure Sales Reps are aware of available resources!
  • Your product configurator offers invaluable reports and resources for Sales Rep Groups, including dealer activity reports, access to presentations, product information, forms, and other information from the Manufacturer Rep Portal.

  • Regular reminders of current and new tools and resources help reinforce awareness and usage.
4. Ask for feedback, so you can learn and plan for future needs.
  • Your Sales Rep Groups are your feet on the street. Encouraging the sharing of feedback from Dealer Design and Sales teams can inform enhancements and changes needed for the ongoing management of your product configurator.

  • Remember – ease of doing business is critical to successfully maintaining preferred manufacturer status with your distribution channels. 3D Product Configurators that help in streamlining our industries complex selling process are difference makers.

Let’s wrap up the first in our series with a quick summary. Once again, congratulations on successfully building your 3D CPQ Product Configurator. Now your focus is ensuring that your Sales Representatives, and Dealer partners are aware of the tool, the advantages to their respective businesses, and the key features and resources available to them.  

As your feet-on-the-street, Sales Reps play an essential role in a successful launch. Taking time to train, demonstrate, incent, reward, and encourage a continuum of feedback ensures you launch with a WOW, and sets you up for long-term success. 

Give your sales team access to Quote tools and Order history enabling them to respond to customer opportunities anyttime from anywhere.

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