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It’s a fact – 7% of all B2B buyers utilize digital configuration and pricing tools before engaging with an A&D firm or Contract Furniture Dealership. Equally insightful, 80% of those buyers purchase after using a product configurator. Shockingly, 30% of contract furniture manufacturers have some sort of visualization tool, many of which lack the features customers and designers are looking for. With that in mind, we set out to develop a tool that made the sales process as simple, engaging, and impactful as possible.


Designing a tool that was inspirational, intuitive, and simple for customers and designers was essential. We took a rules-based configuration approach, ensuring only viable product features and fabrics could be assembled. A 3D configurator enables product viewing from every possible angle, giving customers and designers a better feel for how the product would fit within their space. We innovated further to add animation features for products with moving components. Photo-realistic image outputs inspired customers while simultaneously enabling manufacturers to show products with every possible feature and color, simplifying photography needs, supporting digital tools, and enabling new product previews with early adopter clients. Dealer designers also leverage images for bid responses and idea boards.


Enabling sales teams to respond to customer opportunities quickly and accurately was another key priority. With literally hundreds of feature and material combinations, accurate commercial product configurations are complicated.  Our rules-based software is a game-changer, ensuring 100% accurate configuration and pricing. By simplifying the data maintenance interface, manufacturers could update pricing, discounting, and freight costs in real-time. 24×7 unlimited access to quote and order history, plus the ability to revise and resend quotes, ensured sales teams responded to inquiries quickly, improving their quote to order conversion rate.   


Helping manufacturers be more efficient and ensure 100% accurate quotes and manufacturing outputs was an additional priority. Everyone is trying to accomplish more with fewer people currently. We looked at every step in the process to identify areas we could improve and automate. Our 3D CPQ Configurator supports the sales process from design through order entry, generating a part number and creating a quote so sales teams aren’t reentering information multiple times. Rule-based combinations ensure 100% accurate product configurations and pricing, and with integration into a manufacturer OMS system, eliminates order entry and manufacturing errors. In addition, our software gives sales teams the power to view quotes in net, list, or custom pricing, so they can make informed decisions. The freight calculator tool ensures pricing is based on current freight terms and costs, delivering an inclusive price. Giving dealers access to quotes frees up manufacturers customer care teams to proactively manage active orders and key accounts.  


An investment in E-Tools is a great starting point. Anything you can do to inspire customers, support designers, and streamline the sales and marketing process is a great first step – and our 3D CPQ Product Configurator delivers all three. Just ask our customers, who have experienced increased sales, improved quote-to-order conversion, and increased profitability. It all starts with a conversation!

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