Case Study: Special-T

Special-T was the first WCS client. We learned a lot, together. We recently sat down with the Special T team to gather feedback around the impact of their CPQ Product Configurator throughout their organization and felt some of their feedback would be good for potential clients to learn from. Here are their insights.

CPQ Impact on Sales and Quote Activity

  • Experienced a 30% sales increase since the launch of their Product Configurator.
  • 40-50% of 2022 orders originated as a configurator quote.

CPQ Impact on Customer Engagement

  • Based on a 2018 Miller Heiman report, more than 70% of B2B customers identify specific solutions before engaging with a Sales Rep. With that in mind, we wanted to ensure that we offered a dynamic, engaging customer experience. The Product Configurator has been just that.
  • In addition, the reporting attributes of the Product Configurator give us insights into which products and product features are most popular.

CPQ Impact on Customer Services and Marketing

  • The Product Configurator serves as a central Product Information Database – a one-stop resource to verify stock codes, product capabilities, current pricing and lead times, base weight, and more.
  • With Dealer teams enabled to configure, price, and quote, Customer Care has more capacity to manage “specials” and engage in proactive customer support, without an increase in head count.

CPQ Benefits to Sales Reps

  • Sales Reps now receive notification of Quote Activity, and have 24×7 access to quote and order activity, putting them in a position where they can follow-up, strengthen dealer and customer relationships, and be more in control of sales opportunities.
  • In addition, having the Product Configurator gives them a dynamic, engaging way to meet with Dealer design and sales teams to present new and featured products with a more hands-on approach.

Words of Wisdom

Include the broader team. Including a range of internal subject-matter-experts in scoping, designing, testing, and implementing a product configurator is key. Everyone will have their own point of view and expertise, which collectively arrive at a better result.

Quotes are more accurate, however…Yes, order management is more accurate – from order entry to manufacturing. However, you need to allow for human nature. Customers will continue to deviate from their original configuration and quote. Be aware and you’ll ensure the delivered product meets expectations and specifications.

By the Numbers

  • 30% Increase in Sales Attributed to the Configurator
  • 44% Quote-to-Order Conversation Rate
  • 50% Quotes Generated by Dealers
  • 80% Dealer Generated Quotes

Final Thoughts…

“The quality of the product and the solutions that the WCS team brings to the table is unmatched. Each project is handled thoroughly and consistently, and always in a timely manner. We would argue that at least 30% of our sales increase is due to the updates we have made within our configurator.”

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